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Outdoor : Outdoor games offer a unique opportunity for children to learn and grow while enjoying the great outdoors. At dtG, we understand the importance of outdoor play and the benefits it offers for physical, mental, and emotional development.

Our outdoor games are carefully selected to promote teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills, while also encouraging students to develop their physical abilities and explore the natural world around them. From sports like football, basketball to more adventurous games like capture the flag, scavenger hunts, and obstacle courses, our students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that promote experiential learning and personal growth.


Indoor : Indoor games provide a fun and engaging way for students  to learn valuable skills and concepts. From improving problem-solving and critical thinking abilities through board games, to developing teamwork and communication skills through group activities, indoor games offer a range of benefits for students.

At dtG, we recognize the importance of experiential learning and encourage our students to participate in a variety of indoor games that foster learning and growth. Our diverse selection of games caters to different age groups and interests, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to engage in meaningful play.




We believe in the concept of play in learning and development, and strive to create an environment that encourages students to explore, discover, and have fun while doing so. The school is committed to providing its students with a well-rounded education that includes physical fitness and teamwork. Our school has a state-of-the-art sports complex with a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities. Our indoor sports facilities include a chess room, a ludo room, and a carrom room. These facilities are available to students during their Games period .  Our outdoor sports facilities include a basketball court, a volleyball court, a shotput area, a badminton court, a cricket pitch, a discus throw area, and a kho-kho court. These facilities are available to students during physical education classes and after school hours.

We believe that sports are an important part of a well-rounded education. They help students develop their physical fitness, teamwork skills, and sportsmanship. We encourage all of our students to participate in sports and to enjoy the many benefits that they have to offer.

We are proud of our sports facilities and we are confident that they will provide our students with the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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