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At dtG ,the annual election for the upcoming session of 2023-24 for the post of Head boy , Head Girl and Cultural Secretary unfolded, presenting a moment of significance. This event was not merely a formality, but a testament to our unwavering commitment at dtG to foster responsible citizenship and empower our students to emerge as leaders of tomorrow. It was a day immersed in the democratic spirit, as our young minds were graciously introduced to the intricate workings of the electoral process, firsthand. With our esteemed educators donning the role of dedicated polling officers, our students embarked on a transformative journey of civic engagement. Within this realm, they were not just spectators, but active participants, exercising their democratic rights by casting their votes.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as students came together, forming various groups that represented different parties. These aspiring leaders went the extra mile, creating logos that embodied the essence of their campaigns. In this vibrant setting, they honed their communication and persuasive skills, realizing the vital importance of presenting their platforms with clarity and unwavering conviction to potential voters.

The pinnacle of this remarkable day arrived when our young voters, brimming with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility, approached the specially designed ballot boxes to cast their ballots.

Through this immersive and enlightening experience, dtG’s ultimate aim is to instill in our students the values that underpin a thriving democracy - the values of respect for diverse opinions, the significance of active participation, and the understanding that their individual contributions have the potential to create ripple effects within society.

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