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The down town Gurukul organizes an annual election for every session where they choose head girl, head boy and many other positions through a democratic process.  It stands as a resolute testament to the tireless dedication at dtG to nurture responsible citizenship and to kindle the ember of leadership within our students. 
The specific day totally gets  into the ethereal essence of democracy, where the tender minds of our youth  are ushered gently into the labyrinthine set up of the electoral process, experiencing its intricacies firsthand. With our esteemed educators adorning the roles of dedicated polling officers, our students embark on a transformative odyssey of civic engagement.
They cease to be mere spectators and emerge as vibrant participants, breathing life into their democratic rights through the act of casting their sacred votes. Students converge, coalescing into vibrant groups that represent an array of parties. These aspiring leaders journey beyond the call of duty, weaving tales of inspiration and creativity, crafting logos that capture the very essence of their noble campaigns. The young voters, their spirits ablaze with the flickering flames of purpose, approach the meticulously crafted ballot boxes, specially designed to hold their aspirations and dreams. With each ballot cast, they etched their names into the annals of democratic destiny, standing tall as active agents of change, for they comprehended the transformative power hidden within their individual contributions. Through this immersive and enlightening experience, dtG embraces a profound aim to instilling within our students the values that breathe life into a flourishing democracy. We sow the seeds of respect for diverse opinions, nurturing within their souls an understanding that unity is born from the vibrant mosaic of perspectives.. We emphasize the vital significance of active participation, whispering into their eager ears that their voices hold weight, and their engagement kindles the fires of progress within our shared spaces.


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